Ketchup Is Not A Vegetable!

Making eating a conscious decision
to love yourself and honor your values.

Ketchup Is Not A Vegetable - A Teen Guide to Conscious Eating by Diana Ohlbaum Available on the iBookstore Download a non-interactive PDF version

About this book

Ketchup Is Not A Vegetable is an edgy, imaginative, engaging and interactive iBook designed to help young adults draw the connections between what they eat and how they feel. With one in three American kids and teens now overweight or obese, and many of them experiencing health problems that once were rare before adulthood, young people need to learn how to make sound food choices. This book helps readers discover how to nourish their bodies and souls in a way that is healthy, delicious, and in keeping with their values. Part cookbook, part textbook, part diary, it is appropriate for classroom as well as individual use.